Tom Gates


Gender Male

Tom Gates is the main protagonist of the Tom Gates series. He is a boy with a sister called Delia Gates, and he is the son of Frank Gates and Rita Gates. He also loves doodling a lot, and will even doodle in school. He likes playing tricks on Delia.

The Brilliant World of Tom Gates Edit

Tom is moved to the front of the class so Mr Fullerman can keep his beady eyes on him. However, he still doodles behind Mr Fullerman's back in lessons. What's worse, he sits next to Marcus Meldrew, the annoying boy in the class. Luckily, he also sits next to Amy Porter, who also dislikes Marcus. Although Tom keeps trying to be friends with her, it doesn't seem to be working. One day Tom and his family go on holiday. They go camping.Tom fell from a tree, breaking his arm. Mr Fullerman actually likes this story, and gives Tom 5 merits. Tom, along with his best friend, Derek, are in a band called dogzombies.

Excellent Excuses Edit

Tom returns as the protagonist, this time they  are looking for a drummer for Dog Zombies (which is later revealed to be the hyperactive Norman Watson.)

Everything's Amazing Edit

Tom starts his day in a good mood as he has had the idea to use Delia's sunglasses as an armpit and foot scratcher, dik zak

school. When Mr Fullerman sees Tom on time, he looks shocked, says "this is a nice surprise, Tom" and smiles, which rarely happens, then Marcus pulls a face at him, which happens a lot. He thinks nothing can ruin his good mood but then the teacher says "Maths lesson with Mrs Worthington" which stops him smiling. you not my dad

Genius Ideas Edit

Tom's idea of a perfect day would be having his own special desk, choosing whatever subject he wants, in art he gets to paint his favourite biscuits, Caramel Wafers, and in a really fun science experiment, Tom uses them like dominoes, and creates a world record. Later, dikken pik .

Extra Special Treats Edit

Tom has a test and makes a snow man of Marcus.

Biscuits, bands and very big plansEdit

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Tom is set to be in this book.