Delia gates also known as Delia Rita Gates is Tom Gates' sister, the daughter of Frank Gates and Rita Gates and is one of the main characters in the series! Tom also steals Rock Weeklys from her.

The Brilliant World of Tom GatesEdit

Delia gets a new boyfriend and tom annoys her for it.Delia has been grounded for having a party. She has also tricked Tom Gates and annoyed him, a lot!

Excellent ExcusesEdit

Delia has only really acted like her usual self and teased Tom.

Everything's Amazing Edit

Delia has stolen Tom's Rock Weekly magazines and (possibly) his Dude3 album and tom used his ultravioletpen

Genius IdeasEdit

Delia has been seen without her sunglasses and with green hair.

Absolutely Fantastic Edit


A Tiny Bit LuckyEdit

Tom got Derek's song stuck in his head, making Delia say he sounds like a cat.

Yes! No! Maybe? Edit

Delia chose not to go to the boot sale with Tom, Mum and dad.

Family, Friends and Furry Creatures Edit

On a report by Tom, It is revealed her middle name is 'Rita', and she was named after her mother, Rita Gates. It is also revealed that she would want to be invisible, if she was given any superpower.

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